I wish she could follow me around and do my makeup daily! I never felt more beautiful than on my wedding day. Now I have an obsession with fake lashes because she gave me lots of tips! Everyone loved her and her work! Thanks, Lanette!

Karen, Bride

I have had the pleasure of knowing Lanette for a few years now, when by chance I found her to do my makeup on my big birthday night out. That was the beginning of a love affair with her makeup skills, and since then I have hired her expertise multiple times for events. However, it was only recently, on 12/31/17, that I had the absolute pleasure of having Lanette do my makeup for my wedding. Not only was the makeup flawless and the application seamless, as it always is, but Lanette has a way of calming everyone in the room with her energy, which is of immeasurable value on a stressful day like a wedding. She is cool, calm and collected and keeps a steady hand no matter the chaos in the room. She has such a soothing way about her that it almost translates through the makeup into your own skin. I would recommend Lanette on every level.....as an incredible makeup artist, a friend and a lovely person. 


Meredith Monteith, Bride

The day my "anti-makeup" self first met Lanette was the day my world of makeup was awakened! I had gained a lot of weight with my pregnancy and just didn't feel beautiful anymore. I rarely wore any full coverage makeup and I was scared of foundation and looking "too Cake Face." I didn't even know what a face primer was or even the steps to apply makeup, yet I was scared of it? Lanette embraced it with a giggle and her calm demeanor relaxed my nerves. She listened to me. She listened to every question that I asked about what she was using on my face and applied it with such precision and with a subtle Lanette touch. When it was time to look in the mirror, I couldn't believe how beautiful I felt. My confidence was restored. From that day, Lanette was not just my makeup artist but an amazing friend. I booked her for any and every event I could. Lanette is a true gem. A beautiful and passionate artist whose main goal is to make every person feel and look beautiful.

Kerri, Client

Lanette alleviates a huge portion of the stress that freelance work can cause, because she is a constant contributor to teamwork. With her endless ability to create incredible work on a whim, she is a huge asset to any team. Lanette has the uncanny ability to bring your creative ideas to life, truly understanding what you are working to communicate. She facilitates an amazingly laid back environment for those receiving her make-up services. My models and clients walk away with nothing but wonderful things to say about her skill set and attitude.

I would refer Lanette to anyone looking for a make-up artist, specifically those working in an editorial field. It is difficult to find a make-up artist who isn’t afraid to shine light on your ideas. Lanette shines so much light, therefore making your vision even better than what you originally intended! She is a wizard with her tools, smart, accommodating, professional, and always eager for a new challenge.

It is extremely hard to find a make-up artist who does their job with such excellence, I count myself lucky to be able to continue working with her. 

Emily Costello, owner of Cultivate X, Stylist


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